24 September 2011

Eliza Congratulates the Vic Park Panthers Hockey Club

Eliza Congratulates the Victoria Park Panthers - Sat, 24 Sept 2011

With the rowers working hard in the background, Eliza is sporting yet another hockey uniform, this time it is the Vic Park Panthers.

Being finals season, I can only assume that Vic Park have just won the Classic League Grand Final. Eliza was so excited that she has bought some balloons, and even purchased herself a hockey stick!

Did Vic Park win? Do you know the scoreline? If you are you a member of the Vic Park Panthers hockey club or perhaps one of the rowers giving it all in the background, then post your comments below.

If you have seen anything random happen in Perth that is worth sharing, then email us with your photos and/or video links and we will share them with the people of Perth.


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