28 September 2011

Eliza has Big Night Out and a New Friend

Eliza has Big Night Out and a New Friend - Wed, 28 Sept 2011
Eliza looks like she is suffering from a big night out. Her make-up is a mess, she is half naked, and still wearing her veil-like dress from the night before. What was she thinking?

Thankfully, Eliza is been comforted by a new friend. I'm not sure what type of bird that is, but it looks like a special bond has been formed.

If you know why Eliza has ended up in this state, or can give us some information on her new furry friend, then post your comments below.

If you have seen anything random happen in Perth that is worth sharing, then email us with your photos and/or video links and we will share them with the people of Perth.


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