24 September 2012

Come the Bosnians

We are really just guessing what this is all about, but we figure it was someone being welcomed to Perth.  Our Bosinan sources tell us that the translation of "Dobra Dosla" is welcome to a female, rather than a male. 

The message also proclaims in large letters "MNJAUUU".  Randomperth has unsuccessfully tried to decipher whether this is the name of the person being welcomed or a reference to something else.

Anyhow, if you know what this is about, please let us know.

17 September 2012

Mexican Gold .... and we are not talking about tequila

Today Eliza is seemingly celebrating a massive win by Mexico against the global soccer giants, Brazil, in the Olympic gold medal match last month.  We can only presume this because a cursory google search revealed no other London gold medal wins for the land of Corona and Quesadillas.

Mexico scored two goals against the one by Brazil, who has won five of the nineteen FIFA World Cup Tournaments that have been played.  Mexico, who hosted the Cup tournament in 1986, has never won it.

You get a sense of the symbolism of this victory when The New York Times proclaims that it ... "is likely to be hailed by many Mexicans as the greatest ever for the national team".   See: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/12/sports/olympics/mexico-downs-brazil-in-olympics-soccer.html?_r=0

We are just pleased that Eliza was around to help celebrate a massive Olympuic win by a country whose food sits right at the very heart of many domestic and commercial kitchens in Perth. 

13 September 2012

Phew! Eliza is Phinished.

So Eliza has turned in her speedos for a mortar board and gone all nerdy on us.

Randomperth offers up our hearty congrats to the lucky guy or gal who has just completed a gruelling university stint to secure their doctorate of philosophy (PhD).  You can tell that this stunt was pulled by an intellectual giant because of the play on words in their clebratory message ... "Phinished".

So the lucky Phinisher will henceforth be known as Doctor Soandso.  A real doctor.  Not like those Phraudsters who call themselves "doctor" after simply completing a medical degree.

So if you are the successful Phinisher who has pulled this little nerdy dress-up stunt, please tell us about yourself and on what topic you have dedicated yourself to for the past four years or so of your life.


21 May 2012

Chelsea FC - Euro Champions

Randomperth (not known for its soccer knowledge) understands that Chelsea's win in the GF of the UEFA Champions League is the first time for a London club.

After Bayern Munich took the lead 82 minutes into the game, that cunning little fella Didier Drogba netted his ninth goal in nine cup finals with two minutes left to play.

Chelsea saved a penalty in extra-time, so it became a shoot-out.  After one miss apiece, Bastian Schweinsteiger (BM) struck woodwork, allowing Drogba to step up and slot one home to win the competition.

Plenty of stuff on the net if you're interested, but here are the Video highlights.

27 April 2012

Estelle and Paul knotted at last!

Randomperth congratulates Estelle and Paul on their nuptials.  If you look closly, under the veil, Eliza can be seen with a big grin on her dial.  She was, however, just a bit upset that she never got a gig to the reception! Shame on you Estelle and Paul.

4 April 2012

Hale School gets it ALL WRONG

We've known for a long time that the membership of Hale School is not an esteemed title.  But to trumpet a losing team in the Head of the River rowing regatta?  Randomperth has some theories.  Read on ....

TheWest.com.au website said on March 31:
"Christ Church have retained their crown as WA's premier rowing crew at the annual Public Schools' Association head of the river regatta at Champion Lakes in Armadale.  Competing in the blue riband first eight against six other PSA schools, Christ Church rowed a perfectly executed race taking the lead early and upping the stroke rate to win by almost a length in 5 minutes 53.8 seconds. Scotch, who had challenged from the start before finally being broken at the 1000m mark, finished second in 5:56.6 followed by Trinity, Guildford, Aquinas, Wesley and Hale."

Sorry.  Did they say Hale in last place?

So hats off to the Hale boys for having a laugh at their own expense.  Or maybe it was the girlfriends of the team trying to disgrace them into becoming real men.  The main photo of Eliza captures some speedboat in the background just to give the Hale boys some idea of what power really is.  In the end, who knows why Hale rowing is on show.  But its a laugh none the less.

15 March 2012

Week 11

This one is more difficult to interpret than most.  Clearly we are in the 11th week of 2012, providing you assume that Sunday January 1 was not the end of the first week.  Better stay away from this debate or we will re-ignite whether it is in fact 2012 or 2011 or 2013, depending on when you believe the new millenium began.

So the Randomperth theory is that week 11 has something to do with the University of Western Australia Guild, which ... "runs a diverse range of Theme Weeks throughout the year. These are organised by Subsidiary Councils and Guild Departments with help from the Public Affairs Council."

Week 11 in 2012 is themed Multicultural Week and is organised by the International Students' Service (ISS) and the Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Student Department (ATSIS).  The website (http://www.guild.uwa.edu.au/home/activities/theme_weeks) says that MCW highlights the diverse cultural representation on campus. The week culminates in the much anticipated 'Spring Feast' in Guild Village.  Let's hope Randomperth gets an invite to it through this big internet promotion!

10 March 2012

Eliza celebrates St Hildas victory

The talented bunch at St Hildas stole the coveted inependent girls' schools swimming title last night at Challenge Stadium.  Mysteriously, Eliza learned about this crushing triumph overnight and donned the school's swimming regalia to celebrate the occasion.  Well done girls and send us some photos of the night.

20 February 2012

Eliza an Eagle?

Almost as soon as the St George's "O - week" sign was up, it was removed ... presumably by the mob who replaced it with this blue and yellow polo / sport shirt.  Unfortunately, our photo gear wasn't up to the task of identifying the logo and wording on the shirt, so we are in the dark about its intent.

One theory is that the shirt reflects the Eagles victories in the NAB Cup opener last night.  If you know what the intent is, then please enlighten us.  Either way, its great to see Eliza getting dressed up so regularly now that uni holidays are over.  Keep it up.

OMG - Uni is back on!

The crazy kids from St George's College (University of Western Australia) have been the latest to commandeer Eliza to advertise "O" week (orientation week), when new students are shown all of the critical skills they will need to navigate their new learning environment, such as drinking half yard glasses full of warm beer, partying all night and then scoffing pills to keep awake the next day (while their lecturers drone on about the importance of class attendance) and most importantly ... when is the first toga party of the year. 

If you're a St George's College resident or used to be, let us know.  And if you're in charge of the O week celebrations, keep us updated about what's happening.

And for all you new tertiary students, whichever university you belong to, we wish you the best of luck and happiness on behalf of our mate, Eliza.

Please though, rather than strangle the poor lady with your rope, maybe tie it to her hand next time.  Students these days .........

14 February 2012

Sweet Valentine message

Eliza played the role of a courier today for a sweet Valentine's day message.  Using a separate t-shirt for every letter, our random romeo wrote "b e    m y    v a l e t i n e".  Such a PDA needs some more details.  Are you a kiss and teller?  If so, please tell us who you are and who is your Juliet? 

This is first time we believe that a rope has been stretched from Eliza to the river banks to make a display.  We love this ingenuity and taking the statue to a whole new level.  It was also nice to see that Romeo didn't remove the old dressign from the last few days.

12 February 2012

Eliza Rajneesh?

Looks like Eliza has been dabbling in alternative religions and has donned an orange robe in the vein of the rajneeshis.  Osho (the head Rajneesh) died on January 19, 1990, so perhaps this was a tribute intended to coincide (albeit late) with this date?  Maybe it has something to do with a UWA toga party?  And we're not at all sure about the symbolism of the mug in Eliza's left hand.  Either way, let us know what was on your mind when you put on this stunning regalia.

7 February 2012

Eliza welcomes Mum to Perth

Someone's son or someone's daughter rolled out the most impressive welcome mat for their mum yesterday when they posted a huge sign on Eliza to introduce the old girl to Perth.  We are keen to know who is the special lady for which her beautiful children made this act of randodm love?  Beautiful.

6 February 2012

Inaugural randomperth.com sign hijacked!

After being stolen from the Eliza statue in the dead of night by a crack team of Perth commandos, evidence has emerged that the randomperth.com sign remains alive and well.  Although this photographic evidence does not disclose the location of the stolen property, the hijackers’ trail is starting to be uncovered and their story unravelled.  If you have any information that can lead us back to this famous piece of Perth signage, please tell us.  If you are one of the hijackers themselves, make no mistake.  We will find you.  We will hunt you down.  You will never sleep easy again.

Rare beer cup snake seen at 2020 Final

The legless lizard that only appears at the WACA ground a few times a year made another appearance at the final of the 2020 KFC Big Bash last week.  Thankfully, Mick was on hand to capture the monster and send it in to us. Onya Mick. Reptilian experts are in the process of proving the identity of the massive snake, considered one of the longest ever seen at the WACA.  Tragically, the serpent was exterminated by ruthless security guards who now face an independent inquiry by the RSPCA and potential criminal proceedings.

Random cricketer yodeling after 20/20 Final

Despite the mighty Perth Scorchers getting smashed by the Steak and Kidney Sixers in the 2020 KFC Big Bash final last week, a group of young fellas managed to find voice and spirit at the Carlton Hotel on Hay St in East Perth.  As this video testifies, they had the whole front bar giving Cold Chisel's Flame Trees a crack over the boundary line.  Not sure this mob would have a chance on Talent Time, but good enough to score a guernsey as a random act of good natured sportmanship.

2 February 2012

Turn back time - Embarrassed Ferrari Driver Nudges Light Post in South Perth

Turning back time - embarrassed Ferrari driver nudges lamp post in South Perth - Sun, 17 Dec 2006

Today we have decided to turn back the clock and look at an interesting piece of randomness that happened back on Sunday, December 17 2006.

Timing was convenient for this Perth driver, who clearly has more money than sense, when he crashed his newly purchased Ferrari in front of a crowded Windsor Hotel during the Sunday session.

When it happened:
Sunday, December 17 2006 at approximately 7pm  in the evening.

Where it happened:
In South Perth, on the corner of Mill Point Rd and Mends St (right outside the Windsor Hotel).

The car:
Ferrari 360 Spider - a second hand purchase just one month earlier for a mere $300,000.

The driver:
We don't like to name and shame, but we will say the driver was a drunken show off with too much money, and poor driving skills. Fortunately, he was not hurt during the incident.

How it happened:
The driver was revving up his engine at the lights, waving to the crowd of on-lookers and probably thinking he was 'all that in a bag o potato chips'. When the lights turned green, he dropped the clutch and floored it around the corner, only to lose control and collide head first into the stationary traffic light post.

Apparently he tried to do a runner after the incident, but the hotel security chased him down and held him until the Police arrived.

It was later revealed the driver was charged with 'driving under the influence', meaning his blood alcohol level must have been atleast 0.15 or 3 times the allowed limit.

Tell us what you think - send in your comments below.

More Photos:

Couldn't have planted it any better

Onlookers taking photos and having a chuckle

Nice gig for the tow truck driver

The Light Post was later repaired with a new sign post (see image below)

The entertainer was given his own special parking space for his efforts

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If you have seen anything random happen in Perth that is worth sharing, then email us with your photos and/or video links and we will share them with the people of Perth.

26 January 2012

Eliza Launches Random Perth on Australia Day

Eliza Launches Random Perth on Australia Day - Thur, 26 Jan 2011
Sometimes it doesn't take much. You've had a hard day. Nothing seems to be working for you. Then as you head home something random happens to you. It might be just a small act of politeness, your bus driver let's you on late or you see something which just makes you appreciate living ... especially in a place like Perth.

For thousands of Perth motorists it comes when they see Eliza, the Swan River's diving lady statue on the Crawley Foreshore. What she's wearing is completely random. A football club jumper, a graduation t-shirt, a dress for a royal wedding. It's this randomness that shakes things up. It makes life interesting.

Perth sits on the edge of the desert and takes pride in being the world's most isolated capital city. We live here, know it's great. But often it's the random moments and things you see which make it so awesome.

We want the people of Perth to share their random moments. That's why we've created this site. Anything you see ... which you think is random but special in its own way ... we want to feature. With Eliza as you're inspiration ... it's all up to you. Photos, practical jokes, personal stories ... anything. Send it in.

If you have seen anything random happen in Perth that is worth sharing, then email us with your photos and/or video links and we will share them with the people of Perth.

20 January 2012

The Eliza Statue - A Short Biography

Eliza - unveiled 15 Oct 2007
Before I start, it needs to be said, that this website is not just about the Eliza Statue, it's about random and positive acts by the people of Perth. The dressing of Eliza has become such a common and random event, and is a great way to get the website started. So please, send in any photos/video you have of any random acts that you have witnessed in Perth - info@randomperth.com.

Now onto this blog item....

Have you ever found yourself wondering what this statue is about? Who is she, why is she diving? Well, because the Eliza Statue has been a large make up of this blog, we thought we should seek some of the answers.

Courtesy of wikipedia and publicartaroundtheworld.com we have put together a brief summary of the Eliza Statue and why it was created.

Eliza Statue

A 2.2 metre high bronze statue of a woman in bathers, with her arms up in the air, looking like she is about to dive off the wooden platform into the water. The artwork has it's own lighting from solar panels.

Local artist Tony Jones and his son Ben were commissioned to create a fitting statue for the location.

History Behind the Statue:
The Eliza statue commemorates the Crawley baths which were a popular place to swim between 1915 - 1960's. The baths were opened in 1914 and became a place where hundreds of children learnt to swim. Olympic legends Murray Rose and Jon Hendricks were Crawley bath regulars.
Courtesy of: publicartaroundtheworld.com

Eliza was unveiled by the exiting Perth Lord Mayor, Peter Nattrass, Monday 15th of October 2007. Included in the unveiling presentation was a male and female dressed in 1940's swim wear.
Courtesy of: publicartaroundtheworld.com

The statue is located approximately 15 metres off the shoreline, in Matilda Bay on the Swan River, Western Australia. The photo's below are courtesy of Google, showing the aerial view of the statue, and location from the road.
Google Aerial View Google Street View

Click here to view the interactive Google street map showing the Eliza Statue.

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If you know anything else about the Eliza Statue you would like to share, please send us your comments below.

If you have seen anything random happen in Perth that is worth sharing, then email us with your photos and/or video links and we will share them with the people of Perth.