20 February 2012

OMG - Uni is back on!

The crazy kids from St George's College (University of Western Australia) have been the latest to commandeer Eliza to advertise "O" week (orientation week), when new students are shown all of the critical skills they will need to navigate their new learning environment, such as drinking half yard glasses full of warm beer, partying all night and then scoffing pills to keep awake the next day (while their lecturers drone on about the importance of class attendance) and most importantly ... when is the first toga party of the year. 

If you're a St George's College resident or used to be, let us know.  And if you're in charge of the O week celebrations, keep us updated about what's happening.

And for all you new tertiary students, whichever university you belong to, we wish you the best of luck and happiness on behalf of our mate, Eliza.

Please though, rather than strangle the poor lady with your rope, maybe tie it to her hand next time.  Students these days .........


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