15 March 2012

Week 11

This one is more difficult to interpret than most.  Clearly we are in the 11th week of 2012, providing you assume that Sunday January 1 was not the end of the first week.  Better stay away from this debate or we will re-ignite whether it is in fact 2012 or 2011 or 2013, depending on when you believe the new millenium began.

So the Randomperth theory is that week 11 has something to do with the University of Western Australia Guild, which ... "runs a diverse range of Theme Weeks throughout the year. These are organised by Subsidiary Councils and Guild Departments with help from the Public Affairs Council."

Week 11 in 2012 is themed Multicultural Week and is organised by the International Students' Service (ISS) and the Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Student Department (ATSIS).  The website (http://www.guild.uwa.edu.au/home/activities/theme_weeks) says that MCW highlights the diverse cultural representation on campus. The week culminates in the much anticipated 'Spring Feast' in Guild Village.  Let's hope Randomperth gets an invite to it through this big internet promotion!

10 March 2012

Eliza celebrates St Hildas victory

The talented bunch at St Hildas stole the coveted inependent girls' schools swimming title last night at Challenge Stadium.  Mysteriously, Eliza learned about this crushing triumph overnight and donned the school's swimming regalia to celebrate the occasion.  Well done girls and send us some photos of the night.