27 April 2012

Estelle and Paul knotted at last!

Randomperth congratulates Estelle and Paul on their nuptials.  If you look closly, under the veil, Eliza can be seen with a big grin on her dial.  She was, however, just a bit upset that she never got a gig to the reception! Shame on you Estelle and Paul.

4 April 2012

Hale School gets it ALL WRONG

We've known for a long time that the membership of Hale School is not an esteemed title.  But to trumpet a losing team in the Head of the River rowing regatta?  Randomperth has some theories.  Read on ....

TheWest.com.au website said on March 31:
"Christ Church have retained their crown as WA's premier rowing crew at the annual Public Schools' Association head of the river regatta at Champion Lakes in Armadale.  Competing in the blue riband first eight against six other PSA schools, Christ Church rowed a perfectly executed race taking the lead early and upping the stroke rate to win by almost a length in 5 minutes 53.8 seconds. Scotch, who had challenged from the start before finally being broken at the 1000m mark, finished second in 5:56.6 followed by Trinity, Guildford, Aquinas, Wesley and Hale."

Sorry.  Did they say Hale in last place?

So hats off to the Hale boys for having a laugh at their own expense.  Or maybe it was the girlfriends of the team trying to disgrace them into becoming real men.  The main photo of Eliza captures some speedboat in the background just to give the Hale boys some idea of what power really is.  In the end, who knows why Hale rowing is on show.  But its a laugh none the less.