17 September 2012

Mexican Gold .... and we are not talking about tequila

Today Eliza is seemingly celebrating a massive win by Mexico against the global soccer giants, Brazil, in the Olympic gold medal match last month.  We can only presume this because a cursory google search revealed no other London gold medal wins for the land of Corona and Quesadillas.

Mexico scored two goals against the one by Brazil, who has won five of the nineteen FIFA World Cup Tournaments that have been played.  Mexico, who hosted the Cup tournament in 1986, has never won it.

You get a sense of the symbolism of this victory when The New York Times proclaims that it ... "is likely to be hailed by many Mexicans as the greatest ever for the national team".   See: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/12/sports/olympics/mexico-downs-brazil-in-olympics-soccer.html?_r=0

We are just pleased that Eliza was around to help celebrate a massive Olympuic win by a country whose food sits right at the very heart of many domestic and commercial kitchens in Perth. 


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