13 September 2012

Phew! Eliza is Phinished.

So Eliza has turned in her speedos for a mortar board and gone all nerdy on us.

Randomperth offers up our hearty congrats to the lucky guy or gal who has just completed a gruelling university stint to secure their doctorate of philosophy (PhD).  You can tell that this stunt was pulled by an intellectual giant because of the play on words in their clebratory message ... "Phinished".

So the lucky Phinisher will henceforth be known as Doctor Soandso.  A real doctor.  Not like those Phraudsters who call themselves "doctor" after simply completing a medical degree.

So if you are the successful Phinisher who has pulled this little nerdy dress-up stunt, please tell us about yourself and on what topic you have dedicated yourself to for the past four years or so of your life.



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