This site has been created for people in Perth to show their public acts that are totally random and absolutely positive.  It is an unashamed celebration of the good natured hooliganism that makes this city a better place.

No place here for images of the nanny state.  This site is for people who do things that probably involve breaking an irrelevant local government law or two in adding to Perth's cultural chemistry.

The inspiration behind the site comes from the great crew of people who constantly furnish Eliza, the diving lady statue in the Swan River at Crawley.  Thanks to them, motorists on Riverside Drive get to have bit of a chuckle on their way to work each day.

So we've started this site with Eliza.  But we want to upload any photos or videos of any random, positive acts by people in Perth.  Flashmobs, practical jokes, whatever.

And if you are connected in any way to the acts captured in any of the photos or videos on this site, then please tell us your part in the story, so we can share it with the rest of Perth.

Thanks for making Perth more random and much more fun.